Tell your state legislators "You made car insurance mandatory. Now it's time to make it work!" Click here to get names and phone numbers for your Texas state representative and senator by entering your own street and zip-code address.

Tell your insurance agent you want to consider the cents-per-mile option. If they say it's not available, ask when it will be.

If you are instead offered a discount for "low estimated future mileage" of less than 8,000 miles, ask how that's verified, and if you have to pay back the discount if it turns out that your car was driven more than that. And will you get a refund of half the rate for driving your car less than 4,000 miles? The answers should all be "no".

Get a Cents-Per-Mile pamphlet. Learn more about mile-rate choice, and tell your friends.

Get a free Cents-Per-Mile bumper sticker and put it on your car.

Complain to newspapers and talk shows about your insurance company's using your car as extra profit (called "skimming the cream").

Switch insurance companies if necessary.

Arrange for a Speaker
Learn more about cents-per-mile insurance by letting us provide you with a
speaker for your group or association. The expert on automobile insurance and mile rates, who wrote the highly readable report that convinced Texas legislators to enact the cents-per-mile choice law, is available to make a five minute presentation and answer questions. Please contact us to schedule the engagement.

Contact Us
To get free bumper stickers, information pamphlets, a free copy of our 37-page highly readable report to the Texas Legislature on redlining titled "Why the standard automobile insurance market breaks down in low income zip codes" (ask for #633), or more information contact us.



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