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"Choice of Mile Rates Now Available, If Car Insurers Cooperate"

January 29, 2002
Contact: Patrick Butler, Insurance Project Director,
Texas National Organization for Women, at (512) 695-5136

(AUSTIN) The approval January 23 by the Texas Insurance Commissioner of rules to implement the “cents-per-mile choice” law has been hailed by the Texas National Organization for Women (NOW) as clearing the way for Texans to demand that insurance companies make this choice available to all of their customers.

If insurance companies cooperate with what the law and new rules authorize, car owners can choose either the annual rate or the new cents-per-mile rate for their car’s profile group. Owners can decide when to buy miles of protection in advance and how many miles to buy at a time to suit budget and convenience - much like buying gasoline.

According to NOW, selling insurance miles like gasoline also reduces administrative cost for companies because car owners are responsible for monitoring their own car's odometer - like watching the gasoline gauge - and for buying more miles as needed to keep insurance continuously in force. Fraud is strongly discouraged because disabling or tampering with a car’s odometer voids the insurance coverage and is also punishable by severe fines and jail under federal and state odometer law.

Supporters of cents-per-mile choice have developed a web site with more information at


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